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Fat Dissolving Treatments

Unveil the Magic of Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Injections!

Say goodbye to stubborn fat with our innovative solution, achieving a sculpted body without invasive procedures.

Join the countless others who've seen life-changing results.

Benefits include:

  • Safe for Thyroid Issues
  • No Downtime
  • Results within 24hrs
  • 30min Treatment
  • Safe to Excersize
  • Targets Specific Areas
  • Release Fat Areas Naturaly

The Lemon Bottle

Treatments & Prices

1 Session for Small Area £120

3 Session Course Small Area £300

Includes Double Chin, Jowls, Armpit bulge and knees.

1 Session for Medium Area £200

3 Session Course Medium Area £500

Includes Arms, bra bulge, waist, chin and bra or armpit.

1 Session for Large Area £250

3 Session Course Large Area £600

Includes abdomen, tummy bulge, buttock, thighs, flanks and love handles.